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Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

How can you tell where the oil and fuel pipelines pass?

The pipelines carrying Energy Infrastructures Ltd. fuel are marked all along the route with overhead signs (aboveground), indicating the general location of the lines as well as a contact phone number. The company will provide the exact location of the lines upon request.

A developer who wishes to work above the fuel lines, is required to give the company a detailed request prior to starting work in order to receive the necessary data and a work permit.

Which activities may be carried out in the proximity of the oil and fuel pipelines, without being coordinated with the company? And which activities need to be coordinated with the company?

Any activity carried out adjacent to or above the fuel lines require to be coordinated with the company and be in possession of a work permit from the Property Division of Energy Infrastructures Ltd.

Is there a danger of soil and water contamination emanating from a possible fuel leak from the pipelines?

If the fuel line is accidentally or intentionally damaged, there is concern that fuel may leak from the pipes and contaminate the soil and water. This is why, Energy Infrastructures Ltd., conducts ongoing supervision and control (24/7) of the fuel lines, using both an automatic control system and rangers in the field.

Who to contact if you wish to work in the vicinity of the oil and fuel pipelines?

Apply to the company’s Property Division to obtain a work permit.

What steps does the company take regarding air pollution?

The company’s distribution facilities have a vapor recovery system in order to absorb vapor emissions and return them to the system.

What steps does the company take to prevent the danger of fire at the facilities?

All the company’s facilities, with no exception, are equipped with internationally accepted advanced firefighting systems, which are automatically activated in case of fire. In addition, the facilities are equipped with water reservoirs and a foam container.

These systems are continually inspected with their capability and integrity being checked throughout the year, as well employee proficiency in operating them.

All of Energy Infrastructures Ltd., facilities are in possession of the necessary authorizations from the various authorities as well as from the National Fire and Rescue Authority on the integrity of the firefighting arrangements.

Does the company comply with the safety, security and environmental standards?

Of course, Energy Infrastructures Ltd., operates within the framework of the most advanced management systems for quality assurance, quality of the environment, safety and hygiene according to the principles of international  standards approved by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the Standards Institution of Israel.

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