Declaration of Accessibility

Accessibility Statement

At Energy Infrastructures, we believe that ensuring the company’s website is made accessible to people with disabilities is of the utmost importance to allow the majority of the population to easily and comfortably browse the website.

The company’s website has AA-grade compliance with the recommendations of Israeli Standard 5568 for Online Content Accessibility, and complies with W3C’s WCAG 2.0.

The following are some of the actions taken to ensure the accessibility of the company’s website:

  • Enabling browsing via screen reader used by blind users.
  • The website allows the font size to be enlarged by pressing CTRL and using the scroll wheel.
  • Navigation and search options are user-friendly.
  • Contents are written clearly and are carefully organized using titles and lists.
  • The website can be browsed using the keyboard or other assistive technology: repeatedly pressing the TAB key switches the pointer to different links, while pressing ENTER enters the link.
  • The website design is adapted to people with visual impairments and color blindness.
  • Graphic objects have alternative (ALT) text.

Exceptions for Accessibility and Related Issues

Despite our best efforts to enable accessible browsing in all the website pages, there might be pages that have not been made accessible yet.

We continue our efforts to improve the website’s accessibility as much as possible, based on our perspective of equal rights and equal opportunities for all. If you have come across an issue related to accessibility or if you have any comment or question, please email

Currently, videos on the Karkaot Hazafon project do not include subtitles, but a short description is given below each video.

Accessibility at the Company Offices

  • For any question or clarification regarding accessibility of services to people with disabilities, contact Mr. Eran Rainish at
    T: +97299528612
  • For any question or clarification regarding website accessibility, contact Mrs. Sigal Dadashov at
    T: +97299528563
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