Declaration of Accessibility


The storage facilities of Energy Infrastructures are spread nationwide, connected via an underground distribution line infrastructure along and across the country, spanning 900 km. The distribution line infrastructure combines transmission via designated lines and multiproduct lines to transmit oil products from supply sources to storage farms and from there to Israeli consumers.

The company’s clients include all power generation plants, oil refineries, distribution facilities of petroleum companies, Ben Gurion Airport, all military airfields, and petroleum storage farms.

The company ensures the safety of distribution lines and their transmission of petroleum. For such purpose, the company operates a national control system that includes a sensitive leak control system that monitors line activity in real time. Furthermore, the company has a patrol unit that provides physical security for the lines according to legal requirements, and for operational engineering purposes to secure rapid location of hazards that may endanger the distribution infrastructure.

The transmission line system is protected against corrosion via a cathodic protection system.

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