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Environmental Quality

Energy Infrastructures is committed to protecting the environment and existing natural properties, and securing the future of the following generations.

Energy Infrastructures is under supervision and control to realize its commitment to protecting the environment, operates in full cooperation and in accordance with the laws and guidelines of the relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Environmental Protection, municipal unions for environmental protection, firefighting departments, water authorities, local authorities, and Home Front Command.

To ensure the optimal preservation of the environment, Energy Infrastructures invests tremendous resources and is meticulous in performing numerous preparatory operations, e.g., process control and monitoring; preserving air quality; preventing water and land pollution; and preparedness for handling marine pollution. The company’s facilities comply with the strictest international standards for environment and safety.

The company promotes a concept of sustainable development that integrates the environment, efficiency of work processes, and the economy. As such, the company operates an environmental enforcement program that examines the company’s facilities, including company protocols, toxin permits, and business licenses at each site. The company has ISO 14001 quality standard certification for environmental protection, which includes an annual work plan that outlines targets and activities for the work year. The work plan is monitored both regularly and semi-annually by an environmental forum, as specified in the quality standards.

Energy Infrastructures champions the issues of corporate and environmental responsibility as the first item on the company’s management agenda, guaranteeing value creation and growth on the one hand, and contribution to the community on the other.

Air Quality Protection

Energy Infrastructures is committed to complying with legal and standardization requirements, and implements BAT (Best Available Techniques) in its operations, including integration of the most state-of-the art and available technologies in the air pollution preservation sector.

Moreover, the company is committed to complying with LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair Plan), and is therefore equipped with the most innovative equipment in the sector, and performs regular monitoring according to LDAR requirements.

The company operates vapor recovery systems in facilities that require such systems.

Marine Pollution Prevention

Energy Infrastructures engages in various preparatory activities to ensure the preservation of Israel’s sea and beaches.

  • Regular maintenance of marine lines – the company operates and maintains the marine lines according to strict international standards and requirements of Israeli regulation.
  • Preparedness for a marine pollution event – Energy Infrastructures is equipped with innovative equipment designated for handling marine pollution. According to the protocols and under the supervision of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (Sea and Beaches Division), the company and its staff are prepared for handling emergency scenarios, and regularly perform marine pollution-related drills in coordination with the Sea and Beaches Division, including examination and deployment of designated equipment while operating special teams and simulating a marine petroleum leak event.
  • Treating process water treating petroleum port wastewater – according to the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection for the business license, a biological wastewater treatment facility was established in the petroleum port, including a biological divider (MBR) and a vapor treatment system. This project will generate effluent that is compliant with the transmission permit.

Optimal Land Usage

Energy Infrastructures has established two solar fields to generate clean, green, and environmental-friendly energy for Israeli citizens.
As part of the innovative venture, two high-voltage, photovoltaic plants with a capacity of 16.5 megawatt and 7.5 megawatt have been established over hundreds of dunams, one at Energy Infrastructures’ HaEshel Plant and the other at the Efrat Plant. This is Israel’s first ever green energy project meant for Israeli citizens, using land that is unusable for other purposes. The power generated at the plants is transferred to the national distribution grid and then supplied to citizens. In addition, the project will allow for the unobstructed operational continuity of a strategic energy facility.

Preservation of Biological Variety

Energy Infrastructures strives to preserve biological diversity and takes part in the Supporting Innovation by Implementing Biological Diversity Considerations in Companies Project that was started by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. The project is focused on implementing considerations of biological diversity in company planning and management processes. The company preserves biological diversity by reducing light pollution across company facilities, reducing the impact of invasive species on the ecological system surrounding the plants, and preserving endangered endemic species – Allium Kollmannianum.

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