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Petroleum and Energy Infrastructure Ltd

Committed to your energy

Energy Infrastructure - Committed to Your Energy

Energy Infrastructures is Israel’s national infrastructure company for the petroleum and energy sector

Energy Infrastructures is fully owned by the State of Israel and has been serving as its performance branch to secure continuous energy supply in both routine and emergencies, and protection of energetic security safely, efficiently, and professionally, while protecting the environment.

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Ministry of Security  ---English---משרד האנרגיה (מצ The Electric Company Oil Refineries Ltd. ---English---בית זיקוק אשדוד Delek Dor Alon Sonol Ten Paz Airport Authority ---English---test David


The Innovation and Business Development Department in PEI promotes entrepreneurship and innovation processes, assimilates new technologies and develops new revenue streams. The PEI Innovation Strategy includes the development of groundbreaking solutions to the energy industry and organizational challenges, the creation of national impact, systems upgrade, promoting national programs and leading PEI towards the energy market of tomorrow.

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Environmental Quality

Energy Infrastructures is committed to protecting the environment and existing natural properties, and securing the future of the following generations.

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