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In this tender, bids can be submitted via digital submission to a dedicated e-mail account. Further details can be found in the tender documents.

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August 7, 2023

Re: Submission of Bids for Tenders and Competitive Procedures of Energy Infrastructure Ltd
Reference: our letter dated 12/27/22

  1.  We hereby inform you that during the coming months, Energy Infrastructure Ltd. ("The Company") intend to allow submission of bids for Company's tenders and competitive procedures in a digital method (except for tenders in which it is stated otherwise), using the "Sourcing Vision" system.

  2. Only registered users will be able to use the system. Registration to the system will be carried out in the procedure as detailed in the guide attached to this letter, as will the use of the system. Please note that registration is required in order to participate in the procedure, and a link will be sent for each procedure separately.

  3. Following the completion of the transition to the digital submission via the system, physical submission of bids to a tender box at the Company's offices will no longer be allowed, unless the option was explicitly defined in the tender documents.

  4. If necessary, electronic signature or submission of original copies of executed documents will be required in the stages following the declaration of the winning bid, for the execution the agreement, all as detailed in the tender documents.

  5. An electronic signature is a unique signature to the signatory, and through which the signatory can be identified. The electronic signature can be executed using a TOKEN device/smart card.

  6. To the best of the Company's knowledge, as of this date, two companies have been approved by the Registrar as authorized bodies under section 9(b) of the Electronic Signature Law, 5761-2001, and a TOKEN device can be obtained via these companies.
    Below are the names of the authorized companies:

      7. Below is a link to the guide for registering and using the "Sourcing Vision" system.

  1. We will be happy to assist with any questions on the subject. You may contact the following contacts:

Procurement Tenders

Mr. Eran Rainish

Tel: 972+9-9528612




Miss. Abigail caproff

Tel: 972+9+9252465

Cel: 972+54+7535901


Tenders for contractors and service providers


Ms. Liat Sharon

Tel: 972+9+9528611

Cel: 972+54+2828611


Maya Ben-Dor adv.

Tel: 972+9+9528553

Cel: 972+54-2828553



Ms. Edan Shiovitz

Tel: 972+9+9528572

Cel: 972+54+5639998



  1. We will appreciate your preparations.


Sincerely Yours,
Sharon Ashkenazi-Sthalrid
Manager of the procurement and contracts department