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May 25, 2022



RE: Submission of Digital Bids for Petroleum and Energy Infrastructures Ltd.'s Tenders

Reference: our letter dated 30/5/21

                 our letter dated 10/1/22

  1. Petroleum and Energy Infrastructures Ltd. ("The Company") intends to enable submission of bids for the Company's tenders using a digital method that requires the submission of an electronically signed bid.
  2. An electronic signature is a signature that is unique to the signatory, and through which the signatory can be identified. The electronic signature can be made using a TOKEN device/smart card.
  3. To the best of the Company's knowledge, as of this date, two companies have been approved by the Registrar as authorized bodies under section 9 (b) of the Electronic Signature Law, 5761-2001, and through them a TOKEN device can be obtained.
    These are the names of the authorized companies:
    1. PersonalID Ltd. Company website address:
    2. ComSign Ltd. Company website address:
  4. During the period up to 31.12.22, the Company allows the bids to be submitted by physical submission - to the tender box or by digital submission depending on the choice of supplier/contractor.
  5. For your convenience, technical instructions for making an electronic signature in digital proposals are attached.
  6. We will be happy to help with further questions on the subject. You can contact the following contacts:

Tenders for contractors and service providers:

 Ms. Liat Sharon

Tel: 09-9528611

Mobile: 054-2828611


Or -

Adv. Maya Ben-Dor

Tel: 09-9528553

Mobile: 054-2828553


Procurement Tenders:

Ms. Talmor Sela

Tel: 09-9528614

Mobile: 054-2828614





  1. We will appreciate your preparations.

Sincerely Yours,


Sharon Ashkenazi-Sthalrid

Procurement & Engagements Department Manager