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The Innovation and Business Development Department in PEI promotes entrepreneurship and innovation processes, assimilates new technologies and develops new revenue streams. The PEI Innovation Strategy includes the development of groundbreaking solutions to the energy industry and organizational challenges, the creation of national impact, systems upgrade, promoting national programs and leading PEI towards the energy market of tomorrow.

The organizational entrepreneurship team, which works with the Israeli and international entrepreneurial energy ecosystem, will promote the acceleration of ventures, contracting with entrepreneurs and companies while combining the organizational business units and providing the company's many resources and accumulated knowledge to empower and promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Israel.

About PEI

PEI is the national fuel and energy infrastructure company in Israel, which is fully (100%) owned by the government of Israel. The company meets the needs of Israel's energy economy and is responsible for maintaining the stability and the energy independence of the State of Israel and its residents in routine time as well as in emergency situations. The Company's activity covers a wide range of services in the energy economy: offshore services for import and export, storage, transmission, and supply of fuels, mainly distillates, throughout the country; handling crude oil products and distillates, and dispensing to tank vessels and road tankers. PEI's customers include the largest consumers in Israel as The Israeli Electric Corporation, Ministry of Defense, Airport Authority, oil refineries and fuel companies. The company has facilities deployed throughout the country that include storage tanks for oil and distillates and underground transmission pipelines that are deployed throughout the country.

R&D with PEI

PEI has nationwide exclusive infrastructure in the center and periphery of Israel. These infrastructures, together with earned knowledge and unique capabilities that are not accessible outside the company, combined with innovative technological opportunities - allow a rich sand box for technology companies that will include preliminary tests for POC and target market simulations. All of these are close to the development environment, which will allow companies to accelerate their growth stages, and establish their products and developments.

The goal of the program is to foster innovation growth that will lead to the production of significant economic engines and effective ventures acceleration. The technology companies will be able to grow and reach advanced R&D stages in an operational environment with the assistance of the company in the commercialization and regulatory processes. The joint development allows PEI to improve its performance, upgrade its systems, operate in an advanced manner in its core business while ensuring an energy future that meets national and international energy targets.

The joint development will allow:

  1. Large test ground
  2. Flexible and accessible development processes
  3. Professional Mentoring and support throughout the development and implementation process
  4. Escort regulatory and commercialization processes



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Placing Renewable Energy Production Means On Bund Walls, Tanks’ Roofs and Shells (Containing Fuels and Distillates)


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