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R&D Request for Information

R&D Request for Information - Placing Renewable Energy Production Means On Bund Walls, Tanks’ Roofs and Shells (Containing Fuels and Distillates)

The storage areas around fuel tanks are very sensitive. Our duty, first and foremost, is to keep operational and maintenance safety and avoid fire. At the same time, the company is interested in deepening its activities in the renewable energy field, and to that end, seeks to explore solutions for the dual use of its vast available land resources for renewable energy production, while maintaining all aspects of safety and operation of oil and fuel tanks.

Due date
21 May


Who can submit a proposal?

We call companies of all sizes and entrepreneurs who can offer a solution to the published challenge, to submit proposals that can be implemented as an engineering solution or as a proposed technological development solution, to a level that will enable compliance with relevant standards and deployment in the company's facilities.

Please refer to the  guidelines document. A participant wishing to take part in this procedure is requested to submit a proposal on his behalf by following the requirements set out in the detailed guidelines document.

The most important criteria

  • Create renewable green energy solutions.
  • Reasonable return on investment.
  • The energy production means must not jeopardize the safety of the facilities in any way and must meet all the necessary standards.
  • A solution that will allow rapid deployment over large areas.

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More Information on the Challenge

Within the company's expansion to storage, conduction and production of renewable energy, the company seeks to examine the existence of various types of energy production solutions that will use bund walls, tanks' shells and roofs (containing fuels and distillates) for placing solar panels or other technological solutions for the production of renewable energy.

A bund wall is a perimeter compound located around a fuel tank to prevent the spread of fuel in case of a leak from the tank. The bund wall storage volume is about 110% of the tank volume. The bund walls are usually built of earthen embankments and in some cases concrete walls. The bund walls area is a wide area designed for safety, operational, engineering usage and environmental protection purposes.

The tanks' roofs and shells have a large surface area, and as mentioned, they contain fuels, therefore in all the mentioned facilities' use, there are strict safety, operational and engineering limitations.


The proposed solution will have to comply with regulatory requirements, guidelines and relevant standards, which will be provided later by the National Fire Authority and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. At this time, regulatory approvals are not required.

The solution should meet explosion-proof standards, maintain fire-fighting capability, and engineering capabilities related to infrastructure and facility maintenance.


It is hereby clarified that the binding version of the challenge is the one published in the guidelines. In any case of a conflict or discrepancy between the website version and the guidelines documents, the guidelines documents will prevail.

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