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Safety, Operation and Storage challenges

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Energy Infrastructures is highly attentive to their operations involving the storage and transportation of energy. The company prioritize the well-being of their employees, as well as the upkeep and safety of their facilities. The company aim to advance the development of technological solutions that can supplement their maintenance and safety measures.

As the company expands its operations in energy storage, it also endeavors to explore various options for long-term energy storage solutions.

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Who can submit a proposal?

We invite companies and entrepreneurs who can offer a solution to one or more of the published challenges, to submit proposals that can be implemented as an engineering solution or proposed technological development.

Please refer to the guidelines document. A participant interested in taking part in this procedure is requested to submit a proposal on their behalf in accordance with the requirements specified in the detailed guidelines document.

The most important criteria?

  • The solutions should facilitate prompt implementation and provide a reasonable ROI.
  • The proposed solution should not compromise the safety of the facilities and should comply with relevant safety standards.
  • The solution should ensure safe working conditions for field workers.
    The proposed solution should be implemented in operational fuel facilities and must comply with the company's safety protocols.
  • The proposed solution must not require the interruption of the company's ongoing activities.
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More Information on the Challenge

Challenge #1: Creating a secure and adaptable zone underneath elevated heavy equipment to ensure safety

Elevating heavy equipment to significant heights presents a challenge in maintaining a completely sealed safety zone, and ensuring worker safety is reliant upon following established safety protocols. Additionally, the sterile field does not adjust to changes in the object's size, swing height, or landscape movement.

The company seeks a technological solution to establish a sealed-off area with clear markings and warnings, thereby reducing the likelihood of human error.

Challenge #2: Inspection of Piping Integrity for Fuel Transportation within the Company's Facilities

Energy Infrastructures has an underground fuel pipeline network within its facilities that is branched and winding.

The company is seeking a non-invasive technology that can scan the complex pipeline network without the need for excavation or interruption of regular operations, at a minimal cost and without requiring extensive mechanical adjustments..

The desired technology should be capable of detecting common faults in the pipeline's condition, such as external and internal corrosion, as well as predicting or measuring the thickness of the pipe's wall.

Challenge #3: Locating a Technologically Advanced Solution for Long-Term Energy Storage

The company has unoccupied spaces within its facilities, scattered throughout various locations across the country. The company is interested in exploring unique and innovative technological proposals for long-term energy storage, which will allow maintaining the energy continuity and stability of the State of Israel.

 The proposed solution will have to comply with regulatory requirements, guidelines, and relevant standards, which will be provided later by the National Fire Authority and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. At this time, regulatory approvals are not required.

It is hereby clarified that the binding version of the challenge is the one published in the guidelines. In any case of a conflict or discrepancy between the website version and the guidelines documents, the guidelines documents will prevail.

Responses may be submitted to one or more of the above challenges, there is no obligation to respond to all three challenges.

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