The Energy Infrastructures Ltd., storage facilities are spread out all over the country and are connected by a national network of pipelines totaling approximately 800 km. This network conveys the crude oil in pipelines from the storage tankers in the ports to the refineries, and the oil products from the refineries to the storage facilities from where they are sent to the large consumers – fuel company facilities, the Electricity Company's power stations as well as airports.


In order to maintain maximum safety and prevent pollution of the environment due to mechanical damage of the pipelines and fuel leaks, the pipelines are placed underground and their route is routinely guarded by actual patrols along the pipelines.   The fast identification of leaks and possible environmental damage enables the company to be more efficient.


The Corodic Protection System is used to protect the fuel pipelines against corrosion. It is a state-of-the-art control and monitoring system developed by Energy Infrastructures Ltd., which assists in identifying and locating leaks in advance enabling immediate handling if such leaks have occurred.