Declaration of Accessibility

At Energy Infrastructures Ltd., we regard access to our internet site as paramount for people with disabilities, thereby enabling the majority of the population to surf the site easily and comfortably.


The company’s website is compatible with the Israeli Standards recommendations

(IS 5568) for level AA internet content accessibility and the recommendations of the W3C organization’s document WCAG 2.0.


Here are some of the activities implemented regarding accessibility to the company’s website:

  • The site enables the use of a screen reader used by surfers who are blind.
  • The site enables increased size of the letters by using the CTRL key and wheel on the mouse.
  • Means of navigation and orientation of the site are user-friendly.
  • The site content is clearly written and is well-organized using headings and lists.
  • The site can be surfed using a keyboard or other assistive technology: repetitive clicking on the TAB key moves the cursor between the various links, and clicking on the ENTER key operates the link.
  • The design of the website is tailored to those who are color-blind or visually impaired.
  • Graphic objects have a textual alternative (ALT).


Inquiries regarding Accessibility and Restrictions

Despite our efforts to enable accessible browsing of all the pages of our website, there may still be some pages which have not yet been made accessible.

We are continuing with our efforts to improve the level of accessibility to our site as much as possible, while bearing in mind equal rights and equal opportunities for everyone.


If, while browsing our site, there is an accessibility problem or have a comment or query, please contact us at:


At the time of writing this Declaration, the PDF files at the company’s tender site have not yet been made accessible, although we are working hard to rectify this.


Accessibility at the Company’s Offices

  • Please contact Eran Rainish if you have any comments or questions regarding office accessibility for people with disabilities:, telephone: 09-9528612.
  • Please contact Sigal Dadashov if you have any comments or questions regarding website accessibility:, telephone: 09-9528563.