Preventing contamination of Seas and Beaches

In order to prevent contamination of seas and beaches as result of operating within port areas, the company takes the following actions:

  • Ongoing maintenance of the sub-marine pipelines – including replacements with new pipelines if necessary.

  • Preparation for any event of marine contamination In order to provide a response to the possibility of sea contamination, and within the structure of the Ministry of the Environment's collective deployment in the Port of Haifa, the company has purchased specific equipment for dealing with marine contamination, which is placed on permanent standby at the fuel port. Marine contamination drills are carried out twice a year, including examination and deployment of equipment while operating crews and simulation of fuel leakage into the sea.

  • Handling waste water – handling fuel port sewage – In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment and within business license conditions, an apparatus for dealing with sewage has been built, including a biological separator (MBR) and a provision for handling fumes. The purpose of the project is to treat the waste water so that it meets the terms for permitting an outflow into the sea.


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