Preventing contamination of soil and ground water

In order to prevent contamination of the soil and ground water sources as a result of possible leakage of fuel from the company's facilities and pipelines, the company acts on a number of essential levels:

  • Leakage control – The state pipelines are monitored by leakage control systems installed on them which transmit the flow data (output, pressures, valve status) continuously to the state control center. Irregularities are automatically detected and information regarding the problem is transmitted on-line to the control center. When necessary, the system performs automated actions for stopping flow and separating relevant lines.

  • Cathodic protection - A method for protecting metals from corrosion (rust). Cathodic protection provides active protection against corrosion of subterranean and sub-marine pipelines. Cathodic protection is an augmentation of the pipes' coating applied prior to their concealment.

  • Ongoing maintenance of the pipelines includes measuring the thickness of the pipe's side surfaces, restoration operations and changing a pipeline or part of it, if necessary.

  • Ongoing security of the pipeline in order to keep the pipeline belts from damage hazards, trespassers and other factors that may endanger the safety of the lines – in this department the company operates continuous patrols along the route of pipelines covering approximately 800 kilometers. 

  • Monitoring underground water and soil – The company carries out drilling operations in order to detect and monitor petroleum contaminants in the soil and underground water around the pipelines, facilities, and their surroundings, through coordination with the Water Authority and the Ministry of the Environment.

  • Repair operations – If contamination has been detected in the soil or in ground water the company carries out corrective action including immediate repair of infrastructure or hazard, pumping any petroleum that has been released and treating the contaminated land in coordination with the relevant authorities.