Legal environment

Energy Infrastructures Ltd., is dedicated to meeting requirements of legislation, standards, regulations and conditions relating to the protection of the quality of the environment and safety and which are relevant to its fields of activity.

All company facilities work within the following framework:

  • Business license - granted by local municipalities and includes, among others, conditions relating to the environmental effect of operating the facilities. 

  • Toxin permit - the company meets the conditions of the toxin permit relating to storage of dangerous substances, mostly fuels, their transportation and handling. The toxin permit is granted by the Ministry of the Environment.

  • Firefighting certificate – includes conditions regarding prevention and handling of events relating to fire safety. This certificate is granted to the company by the Fire Department.

  • Sea flushing permit - waste from the fuel port is purified using an MBR apparatus and is flushed into the sea in accordance with the sea flushing permit granted to the company by the Ministry of the Environment.