Code of Ethics

Energy Infrastructures Ltd. (PEI) shall constitute the leading operative arm of the State of Israel for the security and continuity of energy in all routine and emergency situations.

  • The safety issue will be central to every decision taken.
  • We will not compromise on sustainability or responsibility for the environment.
  • Dedication and commitment - an integral part of success.
  • We do not live in the past – but invest in initiative, innovation and professionalism and how they relate to the undertakings of the State of Israel.


PEI espouses a business culture regarding its employees and managers, where each one is personally responsible for following the above principles and rules in our daily lives, as well as ensuring that these rules are implemented and respected.

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics is the organization’s value identity card. It incorporates the aims of the company as well as its core value. It is designed to generate creativity and the existence of an organizational and value-based culture, a culture which will strengthen the relationship between the company’s employees, based on trust, integrity and reliability, as well as human values between the organization and its customers and the community in which it lives.


  • We, the employees of the company and its managers, are committed to maintaining work safety rules, taking steps to identify safety weak spots and to make every effort required of us, in order to act correctly and safely when faced with such situations. In this way, we can ensure our own safety as well as that of others, while creating a healthy and safe work environment.
  • We are committed to reporting to the supervisors regarding every human error which could develop into a dangerous situation, or regarding hazards in the field that may create dangerous situations.
  • We will cooperate when analyzing occurrences while maintaining human dignity, and disseminating the lessons learned among our employees to complement their knowledge.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

  • We, the employees of the company and its managers, shall adhere to environmental management regarding any step which may potentially harm the ecosystems, while managing our consumption according to the principles of environmental responsibility, including recycling etc.
  • Any participation in political activity shall take place outside of working hours. Such activity may not be held on company property and is subject to procedures and laws. We will not use company funds or assets in order to support a political entity or political candidate.

Dedication and Commitment

  • We, the employees of the company and its managers, shall act with respect, loyalty and honesty towards others. We shall be polite and respectful to people outside the company, while striving to serve the public in the most pleasant and appropriate way.
  • We shall neither receive nor request a salary, payment, commission or any other compensation from any individual or company who has, or wishes to have, a business relationship with PEI.
  • We shall not take advantage of our position in the company, nor shall we influence any decision, for personal gain or financial profit.
  • We are committed to maintaining the company’s transaction and security secrets. These secrets may include all the company’s documents, business and strategic plans, customer data, suppliers, routes of the fuel lines which lead to security facilities and other entities with whom the company is in contact.
  • We are committed to maintaining the company’s assets and ensuring their proper use for business activities, and not use them for private purposes. the assets we have in our possession shall be maintained in appropriate condition, and we shall act carefully, economically and efficiently.
  • We, the employees of the company and its managers, shall not receive gifts from business sources or competitors, other than the accepted symbolic business gifts which, being of little monetary value, can be classified as public relations, while being subject to company procedures.

Contribution to the Community

  • We believe that the contribution, caring and genuine partnership with our employees, are pre-conditions for the company’s social and business activities.
  • We shall promote entrepreneurship and volunteering activities in various social ventures, in which the company’s employees and managers participate.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • We are committed to creating added value through solutions for conspicuous or inconspicuous needs. We shall develop more efficient products, processes, services or technologies than in the past, and shall promote carefully considered ideas which suit our markets.

Professionalism and Impartiality

  • We are committed to creating a work environment free from discrimination, sexual harassment or any other type of harassment, based on race, religion, gender, age, disability or any other status protected by law. The company is committed to creating equal opportunities for its employees.
  • We strive to ensure that each one of us receives fair and respectful treatment while, at the same time, receiving full cooperation.
  • When there is a conflict of interest between an employee’s loyalty to the company or its clients, and his/her personal profit, whether actual or potential from a different source, the company’s image and professionalism are harmed. Therefore, we shall not receive, nor request, a salary, payment, commission or any other compensation from any individual or company who has, or wishes to have, a business relationship with the company. We shall not influence, either directly or indirectly, any decision in order to receive any personal gain or financial profit.

Complaints regarding misconduct or queries regarding the code of ethics should be directed to the Supervisor of Employee and Public Inquiries via a complaints box which can be found in the company’s facilities and / or via email: