Our Vision


Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd., is a government-owned corporation that sees itself responsible on a national level for promoting infrastructure in the Israeli energy market.


  • The company acts as an operational arm of the State contributing professional knowledge and capabilities in order to promote, with a business outlook, a spectrum of strategic issues in the area of fuel infrastructure in the Israeli energy market.

  • The company continues to lead the field of fuel infrastructure in the Israeli energy market – by strength, quality and ingenuity.

  • The company views the development into additional areas and markets related to the local and global energy economy as strategy, while strictly examining related risks and prospects.

  • The company strives to create new business models and a fair business climate that will allow participation in a competitive economy.

  • The company works towards raising profitability through continuously increasing efficiency.

  • The company's activities are characterized by a high level of safety, security, health and hygiene, protection of environmental values and sustainable development, while employing a policy of continuous improvement in these fields.

  • The company uses advanced computer systems and information technology according to international and local standards in the fuel and energy market, striving to reach the highest level of data accuracy.

  • The company nurtures excellence within its human resources and behaves as a learning and evolving organization, open to innovation and initiatives according to the needs of the economy, which meet financial requirements.

  • The company is improving and deepening information management and instruction within the company, while placing an emphasis on the flow of information between company plants and company headquarters.

  • The company acts in an appropriate organizational culture environment regarding its employees, without prejudice, and would like to see its employees regard the company as a "home" and a place in which it is worth investing .

  • The company promotes and encourages a culture of excellence in providing services to its internal and external customers while obtaining a comprehensive standards certificate for all its fields of business.

  • The company manages a system of high quality, efficient and useful management, based on values of cooperation, openness, reliability, professionalism, transparency and fairness.