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Energy Infrastructures Ltd. -  Not what you think it is.

How does fuel reach our cars?  And what is the North Lands Project?

Meet Energy Infrastructures Ltd.


The Israeli fuel economy is an integral part of our daily lives and thanks to the energy produced from crude oil and its distillates, from coal and natural gas, we can live ordered lives.  However, for these raw materials to reach the producers, be processed and then reach the consumers, the government of Israel operates Energy Infrastructures Ltd. (PEI).


PEI is the national infrastructure corporation for the fuel and energy economy in Israel (100% State-owned).  PEI is responsible for providing Israel’s energy requirements, both routinely and in emergencies, with its activities focussing on four main areas which include:  offloading at the port, storage and loading of crude oil and its products, storage of distillates (including:  fuel oil, diesel oil, kerosene and gasoline), distribution of fuel products to the various marketing companies, and the flow of fuel along the underground fuel pipelines linking the source of the fuel, the ports and the refineries, on to the storage sites and the end consumers:  The Israel Electric Corp., security systems, Ben Gurion Airport, facilities for dispensing fuel to tanker trucks etc.


PEI owns a subsidiary called Petroleum Products Pipeline Ltd. The company is fully owned by PEI and is responsible, among other things, for the planning, establishment, operation and maintenance of the many pipeline systems for transporting distillates.


The companies’ activities include the handling of fuel and its products.  In view of the sensitivity involved, a great deal of attention is paid to environmental and safety considerations.  Therefore, the companies collaborate with the many relevant authorities including the Ministry of the Environment, local municipalities and the Home Front Command, operating according to guidelines and requirements of the law.  In addition, the companies focus extensively on preventing pollution, control and monitoring and, if the need arises, treating pollution.


In order to meet the challenges of the future energy economy, PEI is currently promoting the “North Lands” national project.  As part of this project, container facilities near populated areas in the Haifa Bay will be vacated and then assembled in an integral and advanced facility to the east of the Haifa Refineries.    The new facility will be erected using the most advanced technology (BAT), with an emphasis on safety and quality of the environment and a very high operational level.  Moreover, vacating the existing container facility (about 1,200 dunams!) will enable the construction of thousands of housing units, and may even be used by the Haifa Port Co. to upgrade the transportation infrastructure in the port area or widen the container berths in the vacated area of the fuel facility.